The Ruination of Personal Faith

It is all too easy to organize and insitutionalize the life out of something as organic as faith and by extension, religion. Once the rules and the prescribed path become more important than the goal, reason is the first casualty, closely followed by harmony.

Human Rights

The ONLY rights you are entitled to, are the rights you afford to others. Nothing more, nothing less.

Laws of Attraction

The kind of person you attract tells you everything you need to know about the kind of person you are.

Think, then act

You can't achieve it if you don't first conceive it. You can't materialise it if you don't first visualise it. Brain & pain always comes before gain & champagne. That's the natural order.


The trouble with calm seas is that it makes it just that little bit harder to spot icebergs.

Plan B

Rethink, reinvent, replan, refocus, rebuild and re-emerge. That's Plan B.